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Gati means movement, which in turn is the essence of life. Arthritis and injuries of the legs affect almost half of our population and are now common in youngsters too. Majority of such problems have their root in the way we walk or position ourselves over the day. Our aim at GATI is hence to tackle the disease at it’s origin and provide solutions wherein you could rectify it on your own.

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The Strategy

One of our primary competencies is developing high-quality websites that are W3C compliant, mobile friendly, adaptive and optimized for faster loading times. We have the necessary skill set to develop websites on WordPress as well as HTML, including PHP programming for any additional plugins that you may need.

  • Website is Secure and HTTPS compliant.
  • Responsive – Mobile Ready
  • The Website is SEO Friendly
  • Website Optimized for faster Loading
  • Secure & Optimized Web Hosting
  • Google Analytics Configured
  • Secured from DDoS Attacks
  • Regular Website Maintenance
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Final Reports of the Project

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